Monday, 6 December 2010

BBC meets The Doc!

Doc meets the BBC
The saying goes, write a great book and the world beats a path to your door. I'd say

The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister is flying off the shelf.

Seems now, that the BBC has discovered "Doc" and an interview is forthcoming.

Still time to order and have it for Christmas in the States.
or leave a message here to order in Europe.

‘The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister’
This novel by Glyn Pope is now available in the UK at the price of £9.99.
For the rest of the Euro zone the cost is 11euros 50cents.
This price includes postage and packing.
The novel is a signed first edition.

About the book,
‘DOCTOR LATYMER ARRIVES on a council estate in Leicester, England, full of hope and the innocence of youth. He quickly becomes the local miracle worker. But without a grasp of the realities of life, he sets out to right injustices that he doesn't fully understand. He unravels the delicate balance between rich and poor, and the struggling post-WWII economy still reliant on rationing and the black market.’

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You can also purchase'The Doctor The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister' as an ebook. Should cost you less than £4.00, around $5.00 or less than 5euros. The beauty is there is no postage. Just whizzes down the wires to your machine and you read away.

See Amazon,
Amongst other outlets.

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