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The Writer's Medical & Forensic Lab

The Writer's Medical & Forensic Lab
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For my new novel, no title yet but the follow up to 'The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister' to be published by Cactus Rain on November 1st 2010, I needed to know how to write an autopsy or coroner's report. Now I'm writing a medical book, set in 1948, and there's a suspicious death in it. I will put the clause near the acknowledgements that I haven't written a medical, history, or crime manual, but I do like facts to be as correct as I can make them.

I searched google. I hate google. You ask it a question and it tells you how to buy it from ebay. I don't want to buy a Coroner's report.

I hated Face book until yesterday. I'm only a member because an agent I had, said get your name everywhere. So yesterday I said something like 'Anyone want to be unpaid researcher?' I've yet to make any money myself so I'm not going to pay anyone else just yet. By the by I got no response from anyone for the job so if anyone out there wants it..? Let me know.
Anyway to the point. I also put in the question I wanted know. When was Clement Attlee knighted and thank you Gary Hewitt, 1956 was the answer. Then I needed to don't need all of this. But thank you to Ben Davolls and Del Angharad.

To the coroner's report. Don't worry my novel's aren't this long winded. They're zippy and fun. I asked on face book about the coroner's report. My good friend Lorraine Nevin pointed me to this site
I asked Dr Lyle my question. The answer, and it was a superb answer, came back to me within hours. Thank you Doug Lyle for the time you took. It really is appreciated.
If you have a medical problem that needs dealing with within your story then I suggest you have a look at this site. The blog there is also very enlightening and entertaining.

'The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister' will be published on November by Cactus Rain

The follow up novel has now achieved 32,275 words out of 90,000. And I'm enjoying writing every word of it.

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  1. I'm laughing at the idea of buying a Coroner's report on ebay.

    Thanks for that link; might need it one day.

    Glad that your follow-up novel is racing along.


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