Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Poem One

It’s a Greek afternoon
Here in dead France
So far away from
What can I say?
those who
destroy the peace
the silence of
watching the vine grow

St Clementin France August 2005

Poem six

The moon is full
And red again tonight
Do you remember?

Probably not
You don’t recollect a book or a film

But I think of you silly
Standing barking at the door
Saying ‘I’m always this way
Full moon
Full moon
And tonight’s it’s red’

And the dog’s going mad

It must be a refection of the sunset
A bit like you and I caught one another

22nd September 2005 St. Clementin France

Poem Seven

I came into your room this morning
I wonder if you knew I was there
You were laid sprawled
On the bed sleeping
Hair askew
Not yet woken by the morning sunshine

When I came back here
All these hundreds of miles
And looked at the walls
And looked at the ceiling
I knew that one day
We would share our time again

28th September 2005 St. Clementin France

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