Sunday, 18 April 2010

Don’t borrow, don’t lend books

Don’t borrow, don’t lend books
I don’t borrow books even when offered. I never lend books.
I don’t borrow books because I have a pile by the side of my bed I don’t need anymore books to read. If there’s a book I want to read I’ll buy it. The author, and I only read quality fiction or non fiction, will have worked hard to produce me a worthwhile book to read. Why then should I steal some of their income by borrowing it? I was on the receiving end of this a while ago. A woman said to me, ‘Your novel Glyn. Chardonnay is going to lend it to me so I can read it!’ She said it in a way that she was doing me a favour. Much better for me, I wished I’d said, putting your hand in your pocket getting out ten Euros and buying one.
I don’t lend books. Obviously it would be against my principles for the above reasons. Also my books are very precious to me. A bookmark has to be used. The spine shouldn’t be broken. I have books on my shelves that I won’t even open, too wide anyway. They are my signed copies. My most precious signed from Alan Sillitoe, Henning Mankell (from one writer to another he wrote), Bill Wyman, Donovan amongst others.
Selling books in second hand shops? I came across one of my novels in a second hand shop the other week. What profit do I get from that? I suppose the original buyer can do what they like with it. But a lot of authors earn precious little from their writing. Why should the shop earn 100percent from the effort I made? The second hand bookshop wouldn’t exist without authors.

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  1. Kate Beswick wrote 'I couldn't agree more, Glyn! I follow the advice of an old friend: 'Don't lend books unless you're prepared to give them away.In which case, give them away. You're spared the embarrassment of asking for them back and the resentment when people forget to return them.
    I don't borrow books for the same reason. If I want to read a book, I'll buy it. If I don't want it after that, I'll give it to someone else. Lots of books out there, no hard feelings
    I also feel the same as you about second hand bookshops, except that a lot of them sell books out front for pennies, which is a nice way to meet a writer whose books one will go on to buy.
    A signed Henning Mankell? I wouldn't open it either - that's a treasure - I'd buy another copy to read

  2. Hi,I left an award for you over at my blog....enjoy the sunshine today. xo

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